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17 February 2023

BREEAM-NL 2020 - the new standard for sustainable real estate

Since September 2020, BREEAM-NL 2020 is in force. This BREEAM version can be used for new construction projects, not for large-scale renovation projects or housing construction. DGBC is currently developing separate BREEAM schemes for these project forms. Until then, registration and certification of renovations and homes according to BREEAM-2014 will remain permitted.

In BREEAM-2020 one can choose from the project type that best suits the size of the project to be certified:

  • Entire building
  • Core and mechanical and electrical installations. central installations
  • Core only.

For an entire building, all 2020 sustainability criteria apply, for the other two it is indicated per credit what is applicable.

The credits are divided into nine categories that provide insight into the sustainability of the building, the location and environment of the building, and the sustainability of the construction process. This leads to a final score that determines the level of certification achieved, from achievable to particularly challenging: Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent and Outstanding.

Compared to previous BREEAM versions, the 2020 version considerably increases the requirements that must be met to obtain a certificate. Excellent and Outstanding in particular, set considerably stricter requirements than Excellent and Outstanding in the 2014 version. Real estate parties that do not have this clearly in mind, may be confronted too late in the process with the fact that the agreed ambition is not feasible, or only at higher costs than originally planned.

To avoid this nasty surprise, we advise parties to involve us in the certification process at an early stage. We map out which BREEAM level is feasible, what the pitfalls are and how they can be prevented in the most efficient way. As best-of-class, we draw on a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience dating back to the very first BREEAM project certified in the Netherlands.