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14 October 2022

C2N expands its team with a new colleague

C2N is expanding its team with a new colleague. He will join the Westeinde office in Voorburg as a sustainability consultant. He will support the team of C2N’s BREEAM Experts and Assessors.

Luc van Esch
Luc van Esch (28) joins the team as sustainability advisor. After obtaining his degree in Delta Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Zeeland, he started work as junior ground flow coordinator at Suez Remediation Nederland. Here, he specialised in the circularity of soil flows. In his current position as Sustainability Advisor, he is able to apply his expertise in the field of water and contracting well in BREEAM projects. In his spare time, Luc enjoys trying out new recipes. He likes to combine this with a group of friends on weekends.

C2N is always looking for young or experienced talent! With a growing team, we always provide challenging projects, professional clients and plenty of career opportunities. More information about C2N and its employees or contact can be found at: ”About us”.