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17 February 2023

DC Bavelse Berg Breda - BREEAM-NL design certificate Very Good

The Bavelse Berg distribution centre in Breda achieved the BREEAM-NL Design Certificate Very Good on 26 July 2019. C2N fulfilled the role of BREEAM-NL Assessor for this project.

VolkerWessels Logistics Development is realising a 46,000 m2 distribution centre on the Bavelse Berg site in Breda. This distribution centre can be divided into 4 units of 8,600 m2 but can also be let as a whole. Construction of the project started in November 2018 and will be completed in September 2019.

A pleasant working environment, sustainability and a logistically efficient building were the main focal points when designing the distribution centre. The choice was made to use sustainable materials, or materials that can be easily reused by, among other things, the use of roof lights in combination with LED lighting with motion sensors. By always making considered choices, an optimum balance was found between an efficient logistics building and a pleasant working environment.