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17 February 2023

DC Fabory in Tilburg achieves BREEAM-NL Design Certificate

Fabory has commissioned the construction of a new distribution centre with accompanying office facilities on the Kraaiven industrial estate in Tilburg. Fabory offers a wide range of tools, industrial and safety articles. The company is present in various European countries and exports on a global scale. The hall, with a surface area of approx. 14,500 m2, is expected to be taken into use by Fabory in mid 2019.

The building will be cooled and heated by means of heat and cold storage in the soil (UTES). In the summer, groundwater is pumped from the cold source to cool the building. This water heats up by cooling the building and is then pumped into the hot spring. In the winter, this warm water from the heat source is pumped up again to heat the building. This causes the water to cool down and the cooled down water is pumped into the cold source. This creates a cycle that can be repeated continuously.

Recently, the design certificate with a Very Good classification has been obtained according to the New Building & Renovation scheme of BREEAM-NL. C2N is involved in this project as BREEAM Assessor.