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17 March 2020

BREEAM-NL for new constructions

For certifying new sustainable real estate

In the Netherlands, BREEAM is the most widely used method for certifying sustainable real estate. Buildings with a BREEAM certificate have demonstrably higher quality, lower operational costs, satisfied tenants and a better financial return. Enough arguments to start working with BREEAM.

BREEAM looks beyond emissions and energy consumption. The method focuses on nine themes, divided into three core sustainability questions:

  • How sustainable are the building and its installations? (Energy, Materials, Wellbeing & Health, Waste, Water and Pollution).
  • How sustainable is the location? (Transport, Land use & Ecology).
  • How sustainable is the design and implementation process? (Management).

Dutch Green Building Council has laid down the method in an officially recognised BREEAM assessment guideline. This guideline describes how the certification process works, who must do what, and what the sustainable requirements (=credits) are. The more credits achieved, the higher the final BREEAM score – ranging from one to five stars, from sustainable to very sustainable.

We can support you with BREEAM in a practical way by:

  • Providing information about the method. What type of real estate is it intended for? How does it work? What do you need to do?
  • Drawing up a quick scan showing the potential BREEAM score of your building, with tips on how to raise the score further.
  • Managing your certification process, with implementation of practical solutions that work.

Want to know more? Lizette van der Feer (06-83 44 33 63) or Ruud Sprock (06-10 99 46 94) Is willing to tell you more.