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25 February 2021

Energie Audit EED

EED also for property owners

EED also for property owners

Since 2012, the European Energy Efficiency Directive EED has been in force. A company is legally obliged to comply with this audit directive if it employs more than 250 FTEs, or has an annual turnover of EUR 50 million or more, and an annual balance sheet total of EUR 43 million. A company is exempt from the audit if it participates in a Long-Term Energy Efficiency Agreement or has an ISO-certified energy management or environmental management system.

If an audit obligation applies, the company must draw up an EED audit report every four years in which it provides at least insight:

  • The energy balance of buildings, facilities and processes.
  • The fuel consumption of own transport and business transport.
  • The load profile of electricity, if available.
  • The factors influencing energy consumption.
  • A list of energy-saving measures with a payback period of five years or less.
  • We advise property owners who are asked to provide information about the building and planned energy-saving measures as part of the audit. For them it is interesting to know that a BREEAM-in-Use certification is accepted as full evidence for an Energy Audit.

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