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02 June 2021


The American alternative to BREEAM

American companies are used to certifying their sustainable real estate according to LEED, including their European real estate.

The method was developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and has been laid down in a manual drafted by the USGBC, which is grafted onto American building practices.

LEED has 110 sustainability requirements (=credits). The more credits achieved, the higher the total LEED score, rising from Certified, via Silver and Gold, to Platinum – from sustainable to highly sustainable.

In the Netherlands, certification according to LEED is possible, although subject to certain conditions. For example, you have to demonstrate that the building meets the American (ASHREA) standards. And all evidence must be provided in English. This requires the necessary detailed knowledge of American standards and the English language. We have that expertise.

You can hire us for:

Providing information about LEED. What type of property is it intended for? How does it work for the Netherlands? What do you have to do? Who does what? The preparation of a quick scan which shows the potential LEED score of your design. And not unimportant: what possibilities there are to increase the score. The complete guidance of your certification process, from first idea to obtaining the certificate.

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