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13 January 2023

Vomar first to receive BREEAM-NL 2020 completion certificate

Vomar and contractor Heembouw have also obtained the first Dutch BREEAM BRL 2020 new building delivery certificate. This certificate was awarded to Vomar’s Distribution Centre 3 commissioned by Voorne Vastgoed.

In addition to the first BREEAM-NL BRL 2020 new construction design certificate, the first Dutch BREEAM BRL 2020 new construction handover certificate has now also been obtained! With C2N in the role of BREEAM Expert.

The distribution centre, measuring over 14,315 m², is characterised by a highly sustainable design in which the latest Dutch assessment method BREEAM BRL 2020 has been leading.

The BRL 2020 sets tougher requirements than its predecessor, the BRL 2014. However, the delivery team coped well with these requirements, resulting in a smoothly running certification process.

C2N congratulates Vomar and contractor Heembouw and its partners with the 1st BREEAM 2020 delivery certificate . Would you like to know more about this project or about BREEAM BRL 2020 certification? For more information, please contact Ruud Sprock