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17 March 2020


For healthy organisations in sustainable buildings

Health and well-being of the people within a building are more topical than ever. WELL certification offers the tools for this, with the building as the starting point for a safe workplace.

The International WELL Building Institute has laid down the method in an internationally recognised assessment guideline. This describes how the certification process works, who must do what, and what the requirements (=credits) are. The more credits that are obtained, the higher the ultimate WELL score, rising from Bronze, via Silver to Gold to Platinum – from healthy to very healthy.

Subjects covered by WELL are water quality, thermal comfort, noise, materials, food, light, fitness, comfort, mental well-being and contribution to the immediate environment. The resulting requirements therefore relate to the building and the user.

During certification, this requires coordination between the user and the building owner about the WELL ambition of the user, the related building requirements and measures. After taking measures, the owner can demonstrate with a WELL-Casco certificate that his building complies. The user is responsible for achieving the organisation-related credits such as nutrition, fitness and mental well-being.

The WELL certificate is valid for three years. Every year, the user must assess whether the requirements are still being met, otherwise the certificate will expire.

We can support you in a practical way during your certification process by:

  • Providing information about the method. For which type of real estate is it suitable? How does it work? What should you do as a building owner? What as a (future) user?
  • Drawing up a quick scan that shows what the potential WELL score is, and what the possibilities are for improving the score.
  • The complete supervision of the WELL certification process, both for the owner and the user.
  • Guidance during the annual self-assessments and the three-yearly recertification.

Would you like to know more? Wytze Boekhout (06 – 41 64 08 73) will be pleased to tell you more.