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Vomar, short for “voordeelmarkt”, is an independent supermarket chain in the west of the Netherlands. The company employs over 9,500 people and attracts 1,200,000 customers every week. The stores are all located in the area between Den Helder, Noordwijk, Utrecht and Flevoland. The service and distribution centre with bakery and butchery are located in Alkmaar on the Boekelermeer industrial estate.

Vomar has located its (main) offices opposite the project site.
This centre will have the functionality to serve as storage for the items on offer. Partly because of this, it was decided to build a completely new storage hall with an office function on the Boekelemeer park. The new building covers a gross floor area of about 15,000 m2 (excluding installation building).

On 16 May 2022, the first Dutch BREEAM-NL New Construction 2020 certificate was awarded to designing builder Heembouw Bedrijfsruimten West B.V. Investor Meag from Germany owns the property and developer Hoorne Vastgoed wanted to work with BREEAM-NL. Thus, this project is the first according to the new 2020 assessment guideline. Also rated as ”Very Good” with a score of 61.03%

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Hoorne Vastgoed Ontwikkeling BV


DC3 Vomar




Office /Industry


14.000 m²

Rol C2N