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17 February 2023

Start of building work at The Pulse of Amsterdam

On September the first of 2021, construction started on the prestigious The Pulse project in Amsterdam. The project is scheduled for completion in 2023. The progress of the construction can be followed through a live connection via this link:

C2N has been selected by VORM to supervise the project in order to obtain the BREEAM-NL Design and Delivery certificate; the starting point is to achieve the Outstanding score.

VORM Development was selected by the Municipality of Amsterdam as the winning concept in the selection procedure for a new building of approximately 56,000 m2 at the Zuidas in Amsterdam. Of this, 11.000 m2 is designated for housing and over 44,000 m2 for offices, parking and commercial spaces. The Pulse consists of two towers and a connecting plinth. The offices are spread over a faceted, largely glass tower, while the lion’s share of the housing is located in the expressive brick high-rise section. In the plinth, both functions are mixed and complemented by a cinema, exhibition spaces and facilities for meetings.

The Pulse will be an icon for sustainability and circularity. The project is a sustainable urban biotope at the Zuidas. A place where man, animal and plant live together in harmony. The layered structure creates a unique ecosystem. In addition, the The Pulse project satisfies the conditions for obtaining a WELL Certificate for the offices.