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02 June 2021

WELL Health & Safety

A global certificate for healthy and safe buildings

A global certificate for healthy and safe buildings

The coronapandemic has reminded us that a healthy and safe working environment is crucial for people’s physical and mental health. In order to give this measurable hands and feet, the WELL Health & Safety certification was created in 2020. The method connects seamlessly with the other WELL certificates – this avoids duplication of effort.

The method is evidence-based, easily accessible and applicable to every type of building, existing and new, and has 22 criteria and 4 innovation points divided over six categories:

  1. Promoting hygiene measures.
  2. Being prepared for calamities.
  3. Promotion of physical and mental health
  4. Monitoring water and air quality
  5. Encouraging building users to be aware of the above measures.
  6. Innovations that contribute to the further development of health and safety.

To obtain a certificate, at least 15 points must have been obtained, which have been tested and approved by a WELL accredited professional. A WELL Health & Safety certificate is the perfect proof that a building is safe and healthy during daily use, emergency situations and the period thereafter.

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