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02 August 2023

Joining C2N with hiring Farheen Abdulrahman

Farheen Husna Abdulrahman (25) has been employed with us through a secondment agency since March 2022. C2N is very satisfied with this cooperation. Farheen has developed into a worthy Junior Engineering Consultant within C2N. This has resulted in the hiring of Farheen. Last week, we confirmed this with a signature.

Farheen’s work includes energy performance consultancy, ESG reports and the plant engineering component within Technical Due Diligence. She is therefore a great addition within our team to work together seamlessly to meet the changing demands in the sustainable real estate industry.

We look forward to continuing her growth trajectory and meeting future challenges.

The addition of specialist expertise will enable C2N to seize new opportunities, expand its range of services and satisfy clients with high-quality sustainable solutions.

C2N is always looking for young or experienced talent! With a growing team, we offer challenging projects, professional clients and plenty of advancement opportunities.