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17 February 2023


C2N has taken appropriate measures in connection with the covid pandemic as per RIVM and government guidelines

C2N has taken appropriate measures in connection with the corona pandemic according to the guidelines of the RIVM and the government

The health of our clients and employees is of great importance to our company. That is why we too – in line with the guidelines of the RIVM and the Dutch government – have taken measures in view of the COVID-19 virus (the ‘corona virus’). With these measures, we want to minimise the risks for the health of everyone. The measures we have taken are as follows: our office can still be reached by phone via +31 85 273 7490 or via info and the email addresses of our consultants.

  • Our employees work from home as much as possible. They have all the necessary facilities to communicate remotely and will ensure that they can be reached at home by telephone, email and/or video conference.
  • Employees who show symptoms of a cold or the flu, or who show other symptoms of illness, or who are not feeling well, are obliged to stay at home.
  • Meetings with business relations at the office or at a project location will be minimised and should preferably take place by telephone or video conference. In situations where physical consultation with the client is still necessary, a suitable solution will certainly be sought in mutual consultation, so that the health risks and risk of infection are minimal.

Unfortunately, we cannot exclude the possibility that the measures taken may lead to some inconvenience. However, we will do everything we can to think along with you and offer solutions, so that your project can continue as well as possible.

Management C2N