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Grozette B.V. has been producing a range of cheese products for the food industry, retail and foodservice since 1963. The range consists of fresh and long-life cheese powders and grated cheese. In addition to the Grozette brand, products are also made under private label. Grozette exports its products to more than 30 countries. Because the existing factory no longer met the requirements and wishes, it was decided to build a new factory. An adjacent site was acquired, after which part of the new factory was built there. The existing factory was then demolished and the factory was completed at this location.

The building is, of course, well insulated. Both the process installations and the building-related installations are sustainable. By reusing residual heat from the cooling installation, the heated rooms are provided with heat. It is also used to (pre-)heat tap and process water.

A large part of the required electricity is generated with PV panels on the roof of the factory and the office. Water-saving plumbing prevents unnecessary water consumption. In addition, the land at the rear is used for nature inclusive facilities that overflow into an adjacent watercourse.

Completion certificate achieved BREEAM score Outstanding. C2N was in the role of BREEAM Assessor during this project.

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17,000 m²

Rol C2N

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