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Koningslaan 1 Amsterdam

Opposite the Vonkelpark in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid is the renovated office building Koningslaan 1. This building dates from 1904 and used to function as a residential building. In 2022, this building was transformed into an office building that is completely gas-free. The building has five floors.

All facades of the building are fully insulated and all window frames have HR++ glass. Heating and cooling is implemented with air-water heat pumps and the building has a fully mechanical ventilation system. C2N was appointed by Fidelity International to carry out an ESG Due Diligence for this building, with a view to a possible acquisition by Fidelity International. The acquisition was ultimately completed positively, adding this building to Fidelity’s portfolio

The purpose of this ESG Due Diligence was to identify the opportunities and risks this building presents related to ESG. In this report, several ESG-related topics were examined and tested such as:

  • BREEAM-NL Quickscan including an assessment of potential optimisations to the building’s sustainability concept
  • Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM) pathway to Paris Proof assessment, including recommendations with a view to the Paris-Proof targets
  • EU Taxonomy assessment
  • Fidelity Real Estate Sustainibility targets

Based on the above studies, C2N provided an opinion regarding the risks and opportunities that purchase this development related to our client’s ESG policy.

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Fidelity International


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2.000 m²

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During this acquisition process, C2N carried out the ESG Due Diligence and advised on ESG-related objectives.