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Life Science Incubator

The Utrecht Science Park will have a second Life Science Incubator (LSI). This is needed to meet the rising housing demand from life sciences start-ups for offices and laboratories. The construction of the LSI is partly made possible by subsidies from the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and contributions from the Municipality of Utrecht and the Province of Utrecht totalling 6.9 million euros. Development and construction partner GiesbersWijchen and Mecanoo architects are jointly responsible for design and realisation.

The LSI will be a recognisable, transparent and inviting building where connecting and meeting will be central. The use of the right sunproof glazing in combination with the slanted positioning of the façade creates natural sun and heat protection. The use of only glass has a positive impact on life-cycle costs in terms of replacement, maintenance and sustainable use of materials.

The use of high-frequency lighting reduces energy consumption; the energy required is generated by the 394 m2 solar panels on the roof. The connection to thermal energy storage (CHP) provides a pleasant and environmentally friendly indoor climate.

30 October 2017, the Completion Certificate of Life Science Incubator was certified with the BREEAM-NL score Excellent. C2N fulfilled the role of Expert during this project.

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Life Science Incubator






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